“Home Away from Home” Episode 4: Filipino Community

[Chi & Eng Subtitles] “Home Away from Home” Episode 4: Filipino Community

In the 4th episode, we shall visit the Filipino Catholic community in Hong Kong.

How do they find spiritual support through community and faith to face the challenges of work and life in Hong Kong?

“Home Away from Home” is a new program series of the Diocesan Audio-Visual Centre. By visiting five Asian Catholic groups in Hong Kong, including the Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino and Japanese groups, we try to understand how they continue to persevere their faith in living in Hong Kong.

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【Acknowledgement】St Joseph’s Parish (Fanling), Rev. Pietro paolo Dossi,PIME, Rev.Phongphan Wongarsa,PIME, Cecilia R. Golez , Rev. Jay Francis Flandez,SVD, Sr. Corazon Demetillo,RGS, Diocesan Pastoral Centre For Filipinos, St. Francis Of Assisi’s College

Co-Ordinator:Paul To
Photography:Sunny Mok, Bobby Tam, Anna Li
Editor & Reporter:Paul To
Director & post-production:Sunny Mok
Script supervisor:Zita Tsang
Producer:Simon Au