【Blessings Under the Pandemic – Loving Beyond Ourselves Through Adversity】Bishop Stephen Chow


[Lenten Pastoral Letter 2022] Bishop Stephen Chow, S.J., Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
【Blessings Under the Pandemic – Loving Beyond Ourselves Through Adversity】

In his Lenten pastoral letter, Bishop Stephen Chow SJ is encouraging people not to grow tired of contributing to society with love and generosity amid this exasperating outbreak of the pandemic. The bishop is inviting all of us to transcend our small ‘self’ for the large ‘Self’, the common good – the self that embraces the elderly, the sick, the weak and the poor, by giving them assistance and hope during a time of mounting anxiety and deepening sense of helplessness.

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[Photo Credit Acknowledgement] Good Shepherd Renewal Ministry, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Central Council of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labour Affairs, St. Joseph’s Church (Kowloon Bay)
Social Concern Groups of the following parishes: St. John the Baptist Parish, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

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Lenten Pastoral Letter 2022

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