“Missionaries Tour HK” Ep07 Sacred Heart Garden [Rev. Gervais E. Baudry, IVE]

“Missionaries Tour HK” Ep07 Sacred Heart Garden [Rev. Gervais E. Baudry, IVE] Ep07:Rev. Gervais E. Baudry, IVE @ Sacred Heart Garden
(Subtitles in Chi & Eng)
All the way from Argentina, here at Yuen Long has Rev. Baudry been rooted for over 20 years. He knows well about the surroundings and the life of parishioners. In this episode, he is introducing the Sacred Heart Garden of his parish, where he aims to evangelize families through farming, then sharing us the “fruits” from his missionary journey.
📍Tour Guide:Rev. Gervais E. Baudry, IVE (包俊偉神父)
📍Youth MC:Jacqueline
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Rev. Gervais E. Baudry, IVE
Jacqueline Tsang
Parishioners from Ss. Peter and Paul Church
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Rev. Gervais E. Baudry, IVE
Ss. Peter and Paul Parish Website
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A peep at Hong Kong through missionary eyes! Take a tour through the favourite spots of foreign missionaries working in the Catholic Church of Hong Kong. They will guide us through their loved parts of the city while sharing their unique stories of integration, engagement and love of Hong Kong.