📌 “Missionaries Tour HK” Ep09 PIME HOUSE, Kowloon city [Rev. Phongphan Wongarsa, PIME]

(Subtitles in Chi & Eng)

A missionary from northeastern Thailand, he came from a small rural diocese to an international city — Hong Kong–to carry out his missionary work. How did Rev. Phongphan Wongarsa, PIME, adapt to the different evangelization needs between an urban and a rural place? Walking along the streets of Kowloon City, what are his thoughts on the life of Thais in Hong Kong.

📍 Tour Guide: Rev. Phongphan Wongarsa, PIME

📍 Youth MC:Chris

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Rev. Phongphan Wongarsa, Chris, PIME, St. Joseph’s Parish (Fanling), Thai BBQ 2

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Rev. Phongphan Wongarsa, PIME

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【♡Missionaries Tour HK♡】

A peep at Hong Kong through missionary eyes!  Take a tour through the favourite spots of foreign missionaries working in the Catholic Church of Hong Kong.  They will guide us through their loved parts of the city while sharing their unique stories of integration, engagement and love of Hong Kong.