♡Missionaries Tour HK♡ Ep06 Shing Mun Reservoir [Sr. Carmela Pamei, PIME]

♡Missionaries Tour HK♡ Ep06 Shing Mun Reservoir [Sr. Carmela Pamei, PIME]

Ep06: Sr. Carmela Pamei, PIME @ Shing Mun Reservoir

(Subtitles in Chi & Eng)


In spite of the hustle and bustle of life, Indian missionary Sr. Carmela Pamei still finds her own pace and relaxing space amidst the urban greenery. Slowing down, she learns about the value of “waiting” in her missionary wandering and relies on God to lead her unknown journey.


📍Tour Guide: Sr. Carmela Pamei, PIME  (彭美瑩修女)

📍Youth MC: Hugo


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【Special Thanks to】

Sr. Carmela Pamei, PIME

Hugo Lee

Pope Paul VI College

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate


【Production Crew】

Editorial: Tung Melody

Subtitles translation: Loura Foo

Graphics Design: Yung Chi Kwong Daniel, Yiu Yat Pui Walter

Cinematography: Au Ka Yu Simon, Cheng Lok Hang Galileo, Ho Yiu Wah Johnson

Post-Production: Au Ka Yu Simon

Production assistant: Yeung Tin Ho Peter

Executive Producer: Au Ka Yu Simon

Producer: Man Sau Wai Maria


【Background Music】

Hooksounds 1. Pulse to Life 2. New Rebirth 3. Comforting Riffs



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