【Appeal for Prayers and Peace for Ukraine】


Bishop Stephen Chow, S.J., Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
【Appeal for Prayers and Peace for Ukraine】🙏🙏
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, and Friends,
We are seriously disturbed by the attacks of Russia on Ukraine. While we acknowledge the complexity of international politics, we feel deeply saddened by the civilians’ loss of lives and homes. The military manoeuvres and the manipulation of political powers are shattering the Ukranians’ hope for peace and stability in their homeland.
While we are battling against the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, we cannot ignore the pains that another pandemic of egoism and hegemonic mentality is inflicting on our world. We are citizens of the global village, and our well-being is intimately intertwined. Let us offer our sincere prayers for those in Hong Kong and throughout the world who are struck by these two pandemics.
Hence, we must call on our merciful God to touch in-depth the hearts of the ones who have the power to revert this tragic trajectory to restore hope for peace in our world. And that empathic dialogues will start sooner among the parties involved.
Please take heed of the appeal of Pope Francis for us to pray and fast for peace in Ukraine. The power of earnest prayers en masse can achieve what is beyond human imagination.
O Lord, you are the Lord of history and our most merciful God. You never take pleasure in the loss of lives and our heart-brokenness. Please listen to our prayers and send your Spirit to touch the hardening hearts and hearts longing for healing! Amen.
Last but not least, let us render caring support and blessings to our Ukrainian friends residing in Hong Kong as well as our friends from Hong Kong residing in Ukraine.
+ Bishop Stephen Chow, S.J.
Hong Kong
25th February 2022
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