Cardinal John Tong Bishop of Hong Kong Catholic Diocese Christmas Message 2015


Hong Kong, our home, has been unsettled for the past few years. Our hearts are also not very settled. Peace seems to be getting more and more far away from our daily life. We have experienced disputes, conflicts, communities being torn apart. We have also come across core values such as the family being challenged. Although God has never promised us that the sky will be blue every single day, yet He has promised that His love is always with us.

Jesus Christ chose to come into our world, to be with us, through a family: a core family with Joseph as the father and Mary as the mother. So we can see that the family is very important not just in our faith, but also in the formation of our society. Without the family, our society will fall apart. Hence, we must treasure our family and beware of any possibilities endangering the family.

Earlier this month, we started the Jubilee of Mercy in the Church. Our Pope Francis has invited us to contemplate the face of Christ, to be witnesses to mercy, and to enable others to experience the great mystery of God’s mercy. First of all let us begin this witnessing at home: care for our family, care for our parents, grandparents, children and neighbours. Apart from sending text messages by social media, greet one another with a smile, talk to others and give one another a hug.

On Christmas day, stay at home and be with the family.

I wish all of you and your families the blessings of Christmas.

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